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What We Believe

Our Beliefs

Ocean Christian Community recognizes that at the center of its existence stands the liberating message of new life through Jesus Christ.  It seeks, through proclamation, education and personal devotion, to live more fully in the light of this message.  It welcomes all people: individuals, families, adults, children and adolescents of all social and ethnic backgrounds, to participate in its journey of becoming a people of God.

Ocean Christian Community commits itself to prioritize three concepts:

First to identify that above all else we should be a people of Worship.  Our devotion to Christ is reflected in all areas of our lives especially Praise, Worship, Prayer and Study of the Word of God.

Second to see that we are family who cares for one another so we emphasize Fellowship.

Third when we have our relationship with God right and our fellowship with each other right we are ready to reach out to our community and our world. 

All this we call Stewardship, that is caring for the needs of others.

Simply put we see ourselves as a family who are committed to:

Know Him and make Him Known